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    Wow! It's verry good base for...

    Alama.be Level 1

      Optimizer tools! Like:


      - LZMA recompression of SWF


      - Recompile all JPG data + Alpha RLE in new JPGXR compression (%parametrable)


      - All String obfuscation by short aleatory String (obfuscation and decrease size of SWF in same time)


      - Super Lock by change all string (variables names, functions names,..) by AS3 keywords for making it impossible recompilation after sourcing. ( wich "Super Lock" chech box in obfuscation tool).


      - several optimization in ABC.. like changing ABC by Alchemy ABC replacement compatible codes.. (loops, bytesArray, Array, Vector, and more..)


      - Opportunity for translation by String Editor (filtered by String type in SWF).


      And more..


      Suggestion: An opportunity for resize the frames in the GUI of this application.


      Nice Job! to be continue..

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          very good idea !

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            Mr Kidnapper

            The reason I downloaded this program was because it seemed like it would be extremely useful to translate foreign flash SWFs into other languages without having to resort to decompiling, which causes all sorts of glitches.

            Finding a program that can edit strings in flashes made with AS3 is unexpectedly difficult.

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              LZMA decompression/compression support will be in the next release which will be after the AIR 3.4 release. I completely agree that the frames in the GUI need to be resizable. However, I can't make any promises on when I might get around to finishing that.


              As far as some of the other features, my primary goal wasn't to create an authoring tool or a re-authoring tool. My primary goal for this project was to provide a tool for analyzing SWF applications and most of my short-term feature work will focus on that theme. I realize that the tool can easily be extended for additional functionality which is why the project was released as an open-source application. The forums are here for users to share their features ideas and code with other users. If the extension is inline with the theme of the tool, I will probably officially add it to the project. Adobe Labs projects are also intended to generate ideas and measure interest within the community. They are conversation starters. Therefore, please continue to send feedback. Even if the idea doesn't make it into this particular tool, we may still use the feedback to address the request through another one of our projects.

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                Alama.be Level 1

                Hi Puhley, thank for your reply.



                Indeed, this is what we like about adobe, they listen to their customers and users.



                I loaded the new version, it has to evolve!



                By cons, on the "string" I have not been able to change the content (for a translation or even an obfuscation).



                Investigator should become an swf post authoring tool .. (a best Apparat with GUI)



                Cool for LZMA in the next player.



                Currently, the beta 11.4 provides the lzma for byteArray, but it's the SWF should be lzma compressed.



                In fact, Adobe greatly modifies the player! and this is a very good stuf! but the big job and what would be really necessary, to rethink and remake from zero the compiler. For example, work with byteArray AS3 should automatically be as fast as in Alchemy .. or remake defineJpgTag in jpgXR.. this kind of thing .. and that's the compiler that can do it. (and a part of player for to read and parse the new content of swf).. or automaticaly compile all 2D displayList mecansime on stage3D GPU accelerated.. (without Starling using) (verry good for 16X16 linear antialias by GPU) .. But, this is not the subject of this post ..



                Congratulations, Puhley, for your work! Have nice day.  (sorry for my English)