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    Code signing captive runtime OS X (Non MAS)

    Chris Born

      Seems pretty straight forward, especially with instructions like the ones found here: http://pigsels.com/2012/04/air-app-store-publishing-guide/


      Our FB 4.6 built Air 3.3 app exported as a captive runtime .app works as expected. However I wanted to code sign it to deal with the Mountain Lion GateKeeper issue. We generated our Apple Application and Installer certs, and those work as expected on XCode generated projects. However, when trying to codesign the AIR based OurApplication.app or the internal plug-in bundles (Contents/Frameworks/Adobe\ AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Resources/AdobeCP15.plugin) all we get in return is this:


           object file format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable


      Any ideas? We do not intend to submit this to the Mac App Store, mainly because it does use the mx:HTML component and my understanding is that the WebKit plugin will mean a rejection from Apple. But simply getting the app signed so GateKeeper does not throw up on us is the primary goal.