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    Coldfusion 10 and Ebay Web Service WSDL


      Hello everyone,


      we recently upgraded from Coldfusion 8 to Coldfusion 10 and we found a business-stopping bug:


      In Coldfusion 10 Administrator console go to DATA & SERVICES -> Web Services.

      There add a web-service with WSDL link http://developer.ebay.com/webservices/latest/ebaySvc.wsdl

      Other input values have no affect in this issue.


      You will then receive a Coldfusion error:

      Template: /CFIDE/Administrator/extensions/webservices.cfm

      Diagnostics: javax.wsdl.Operation.getExtensionAttributes()Ljava/util/Map; null

      The error occurred on line 141.


      Same error if you try to instantiate an ebay web service object with given WSDL from inside the cfscript.


      This is a serious show stopper since ebay API no longer work with Coldfusion 10 and we were forced to rollback to Coldfusion 8.


      Any help would be highly appreciated!


      P.S. other non-ebay WSDLs seem to add fine to CF10.