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    Spry Menu Bar Background Colour


      Dear all,


      I have a horizontal spry menu bar which I have changed from a full width bar (160px each item) to a bar with 2em padding to left and right of each item because 2 of the items are longer than the original specified width of the menu bar items.


      The bar does not stretch full width now but I would like the colour of the bar to continue across the page.  Currently after the last item the background is white. 


      I have enclosed it in a menu bar div which is inside the header div (that has a background colour of #03172A).  The menu bar class has a background colour of #6DA8E2 and width of 960px (the entire width of the page)


      I have tried setting the ul.MenuBarHorizontal class with a background of #6DA8E2 but nothing seems to change the background from white.


      menu bar issue.png

      Just wondering if anyone knows where I am going wrong please?  Or if there is a way to make the menu full width whilst having different size buttons.  The only button that is an issue is the Professional Intermediary Services item.


      Many thanks and any help is greatly appreciated.