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    Indesign CS6 epub export bug

    jhewitt@lifeway Community Member

      I am using Indesign CS6 to export a book to epub. Having problems with automatic numbers and bullets as well as spacing issues; however, I've made some adjustments and am getting a pretty decent epub. Here's the issue: When I convert my epub to Mobi using Calibre, I get double bullets and double numbers in my lists. I used this same process to create a Mobi file a few months ago in Indesign 5.5 with no problem. So I took one of my CS6 files, exported it to IDML, opened it in CS5.5 and exported to ePub. I then took that epub and converted it to Mobi using Calibre. No double bullets or numbers. So the issue is coming from Indesign CS6.


      Anyone else had this issue. Any other ideas on how to get a clean Mobi file from CS6?