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    "Adobe Flash Player Install Manager failed to quit" Error when logging off Mac


      Hi there,


      I recently upgraded my office to the newest version of Flash Player for Mac, and a new problem has cropped up with some of the computers I have installed it on.


      When attempting to log off, users are getting the info box "Adobe Flash Player Install Manager failed to Quit" and have to close the window, open the force quit prompts, select the Adobe Flash Player Install Manager, force it to quit, then they can log out. And this is not a one time occurrence. Is there some type of setting that needs to be disabled to prevent this from occurring? I surmise that this is some fault in the Adobe Install Manager residing in the Utilities folder and running at launch, but if that's there to keep track of when new updates are available, I'd like to not disable it on all the machines. Can someone elucidate me as to what the problem is with the program?






      Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 4.37.57 PM.png