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    CS 5.5 to CS 6 Transfer Preferences - Print Presets Issue




      The problem is when I transfer my print presets fron CS5.5 to CS6 they transfer over but... when I go to use them they set everything correctly EXCEPT the page size. It defaults to an 8.5x11 sheet. However, when I run the same preset in InDesign CS5.5 it will update the page size correctly. I am printing to a PostScript printer


      Here is what I have tried to troubleshoot this issue so far. I list what could be wrong and what I have done about each:


      1. the preferences are being corrupted

      - uninstalling preferences and reinstalling them. I've followed this posting to do this:


      (section: 1. Rename or delete the InDesign Defaults and the InDesign SavedData files.)

      2. the PPD files are corrupted

      - replace my PPD files from the PPD files I have stored for CS5.5


      3. I’ve transferred preferences incorrectly

      - I go into InDesign CS5.5>File>Print>Print Presets>Define>[select all presets]>Save>[Save in: Mac HD>Applications>Adobe InDesign CS6>Presets


      What would be the next thing to try or am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks in advance for any help!