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    Calculations gone wrong


      I cannot for the life of me figure this out!  I will satrt with, I am fairly new to this, but I can creat fields and edit them.  However, every time I try and do simple calculation with "the value is"  window i run it and things seem okay until I adjust other fields on the form to calculate as well.  And then the previous fields get messed up.


      I am wanting in the top portion, "Sub-Total" = ("Rate Per Night" x "Tax")

      Then I want "Total" = ("Sub-Total" x "# Of Nights")

      Then I want on the bottom:

      "Sub-Total" = (90.00+30+30+30+30+30+30+30)

      "Tax" = ("Sub-Total" x "Tax")

      "Total" = ("Total [from top]"+"Sub-Total [from bottom]+"Tax"+"Svc Fee")


      I went through the edit properties and calculated them but still they keep getting messed up or not even close.  I know i may come across dumb but I need help.


      Thank you.

      please help me!!!!!