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    Preview of wordpress theme




      When I want to see a preview of my theme is nothing shown (Preview in Safari). When I change the url from this:




      to this:




      it works.


      How do I set up dreamweaver so I can see the preview of my wordpress themes (live view and preview in Safari)?


      How do you see a preview in a browser and Live View in Dreamweaver for your own designed wordpress theme?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Because of how dynamic pages work, you can only preview the template as if you were visiting the site (ie: the index file).  The index page calls the template and the content separately and it also includes a bunch of files necessary to process the document.  You are doing nothing wrong and that second address is the one you want to use.  Personally I wouldn't recommend that setup if you plan on developing mulitiple sites.  You should consider making folders within your "WWW" folder so you end up with URLs like http://localhost/site1 or http://localhost/site2 for your development purposes.

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            *Topphoto* Level 1

            If I do something wrong so I do not understand why Dreamweaver does not support the preview and live view as Dreamweaver should see that you develop a wordpress theme and therefore should call the main page (http://localhost) so you can see the wordpress theme that you developer on.


            I am aware that I must have a folder for each site I develop, but only this one site now that I just need it to run in Dreamweaver.

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              But you answered your question in the first post.  The /wp-content/... folder path will not work. When you setup the path in DW, the path should be just the localhost for you now and you should only preview the index.php file in the root of your site, not the individual PHP files you might be editing.

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                *Topphoto* Level 1

                Many thanks for your help. I just do not understand why DW can not display the preview and live view when DW knows that it is a wordpress page and therefore should show the root of the page. Yes, I do understand that I not should use /wp-content/... folder path but the root of my site.