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    CS6 Upgrade Obtained; Time Limit To Install? Moving To Different PC A Little Later?




      I just wanted to ask a few questions about my CS6 "technology guarantee" upgrade for my Student copy of CS5.5 (which I bought in May of this year).


      I registered my CS5.5 serial number, but have not installed it. I applied for the CS6 upgrade, and CS6 is showing as availible in my "My Orders" on my account. So if I may ask



      1) Has my serial number been fully transferred to CS6? As in, I have the DVD for CS5.5 but now do I effectively own CS6 and can download it now and in the future accordingly? In other words, is CS6 fully mine as if I bought it directly?


      2)Is there a time limit for me to download or activate CS6? (There was a time limit if  August 5th given to me with my pruchase for the end of claims, but have I now claimed it even if not downlaoding and installing?)


      3)I am planning on buying a new computer, but unsure as to when. It may turn out that I will install CS6 on my current PC and end up a few weeks later needing to move it to my new PC. Woudl this cause any problems, given the "upgrade" status and the fact I would have installed for the first time shortly before ? (If that makes sense).


      Thansk so much for your help.