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    How do I get a Spry Textfield to return the full file path, not just the file name.

    KStreetStudio Community Member

      In my form I am asking the user to enter a file name. After browsing the textfield does show the full path and name but both GET and my javascript can only return the file name without the path. Obviously I am going to need the path as well to be able to upload the file.


      From the body:


        <span id="sprytextfield5">

          <input name="dw_Abstract" type="file" required="required" id="dw_Abstract" tabindex="30" size="66" />

          <span class="textfieldRequiredMsg">Please enter the file name for your abstract.</span>

        </span><br />

        <font size="-1">(Document type - plain text (txt) file only, please, up to 20kB.)</font>



      From my JavaScript:

      function GetSpryValue(SName)


        return document.getelementById(SName).value;



      $Doc_AbstractFile = GetSpryValue("dw_Abstract");


      Thanks, Mike