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    READ ONLY text not showing up


      We are sending applications to clients by PDF. There is a section in one page that is marked as read only. It shows up when we print it out and print it in PDF, but when we recieve it back from the client there is nothing in that section of the page. What is the problem and is it something that we can fix?



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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          This would better be answered in another Acrobat sub-forum, not Printing and Prepress, but...

          Verify a couple things please, or include them in a new post.


          This application. Is it a fillable pdf Form?

          How was the Form created; in Acrobat via Forms menu or LiveCycle Designer?


          How is the user Saving the filled Form; via Save or a Print button?


          I would check the properties of the field in question.