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    Navigating into MSOs

    Scott Landis Level 3

      Hey all,


      I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to navigate to a specific state within a MSO. I'm specifically trying to have a MSO in the vertical orientation and allow the user to turn to the horizontal orientation without losing their stop in the MSO.





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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          To navigate to a specific state, create a button with a Go To State action.


          To make sure that the slideshow remains on the same state when the iPad is rotated, make sure that the multi-state object (MSO) has the exact same name in the two layouts. You specify the MSO name in the Object States panel.


          You might want to watch a few basic videos about DPS to learn the basics. Here's a getting started page:


          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS67cb9e293e2f1f60174dc2eb12f2ca67c28-80 00.html

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            Scott Landis Level 3

            I'm sorry if I was not clear in my initial question, but I am not asking how to maintain the MSO that exists in both orientations. I am asking if it is possible to maintain an MSO on a state when the device is turned into an orientation that does not have the MSO.


            I am currently building a publication that has all the interactives in the horizontal orientation. All the text is in the portrait orientation. Because the text stack (vertical stack) is a different length than the interactive stack (the horizontal stack) we are considering using an MSO in the vertical stack for the text as to avoid coupling each page in the horizontal stack with one in the vertical stack.


            So in summary, we have a single page stack as our vertical stack with an MSO that has all the text content and a multi-page stack as our horizontal stack with all our interactive content. All of this equals one article.


            I would like to know if, when a user is on the third image of the vertical MSO and decides to turn the device to look at the interactive content, and then turns the device back to the vertical orientation, is it possible to force the MSO to stay on the third image, or will it always snap back to the begining of the MSO.



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              Bob Bringhurst Level 1

              I think I understand now. Here's something you might want to try. In the horizontal layout, create an empty invisible MSO with the same name and the same number of states as the MSO in the vertical layout. When you rotate the iPad from vertical to horizontal and back to vertical, the MSO state should be preserved.

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                Scott Landis Level 3



                Thank you very much. That wored, until I put the stack in horizontal swipe only.


                Any more hints?