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    RE: Photoshop Elements 6


      Suddenly when I open a folder only the icon shows up, no photo.  In any of the Edit modes that is.  Photos are visible in the Organizer.  Also, If I select an icon, the photo shows up at the bottom of the page and if I click open the photo will open as usual.

      I have been running this for several yrs. and never had this problem before.  What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

      P.S---4 gig ram on windows vista 64

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          What do you mean by opening a folder and only seeing an icon? Where are you opening a folder? Editor (with it's different edit modes) doesn't work with folders.


          Could you post a screen shot?

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            Brett, Thanks.  Sorry if my termanology is not correct.  Hope these attachments give you a better description.

            TomElements #2.jpg

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              Brett N Adobe Employee

              What's going on with your files? That's a pretty strange icon to have. Looks like you've installed something which has taken over the file association for PSDs.


              Additionally, this is a Windows dialog box (we are just borrowing code from the OS to make this appear), we have no control over what appears in this box. I'd suggest removing whatever application you've installed that uses that icon and see if that clears things up.

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                The icon is not strange to users of ACDSee Pro5.  Yes, it seems to have taken over but not just PSDs as all icons have that design.  I went to file associations on ACDSee and Photoshop Elements6 and attempted to change things but it does not appear that it worked.  I don't care for the organizer in E6 so download with ACDSee and therefore their icon is shown.  The strange thing is that for 4 or 5 years I've done this and never run into this problem.  Wonder if I should uninstall E6 and reinstall?

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                  Brett N Adobe Employee

                  As I mentioned, Photoshop Elements has no control over this window, so reinstalling shouldn't change anything. What about reinstalling ACDSee?

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                    A dpreview poster came up with the fix.  Appreciate your efforts though.  Thanks.E6 Fix.jpg