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    No Update Prompts

    S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

      It seems like almost every time I open a different CS6 CreativeCloud program, I'm prompted to re-submit my activation. BUT, I see a bunch of updates are coming out for the Mac version (I see this on Macupdate.com, not on my own computer). I do not receive any update prompts on my computer, anywhere. Trying to use Update from the Help menu of any program opens the AAM, which then tells me I'm up to date (I'm not). Opening the Creative Cloud site shows me that I need to install all the programs, although they're already installed.


      HOW do I update my software? HOW do I let AAM know that my software is installed on this computer (I STILL want to install it on my laptop, but fear the "over-activation" issue)? HOW do I tell the software I'm licensed, and to leave me alone for a month?


      Please help!

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          Have had the same issue. There's really not much help in this forum. Forget about calling Adobe customer support because they have absolutely no clue whatsoever. It's really unbelievable. After researching hours on my own I found out that there's an update available for the Adobe Application Manager that fixes those issues. They appearantly appear if you open a CS5 application which overwrites the CS6 cloud membership registration/activation or whatever. As a result CS6 opens as a trial which you have to license again. The AAM suppose to fix that. I installed it and it seems it did the trick (we'll see...). http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4774


          But before I updated I could launch another AAM (I found somewhere in the utilities) which showed me the available CS6 updates. After installing the AAM update I only get the one that shows me what I currently have installed. I don't get the window showing me what to update anymore. By the way, if I drag the new AAM into my mac dock it turns into "AdobeCreativeCloudClient". AAM and ACCC where two different things before and merged into one somehow. What a mess. Question of the day: "How can I now check for updates?". Anybody?

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            S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

            It is SO sad how lousy the support for this is. I do know better than to call their "support" group, due to a previous useless phone call I'd made about a different issue (BTW, after that call, I was actually put in touch with a VERY helpful person - but the hoops I had to jump through were ridiculous). But, I was surprised that nobody even here had replied before you did, but I had to imagine I wasn't the only one having the problem.


            I did find that new AAM, but it didn't actually help me at all. Same problem - showed my stuff wasn't installed and showed no updates available. So - today I bit the bullet. I re-downloaded all the software through the ACCC (which was what opened when I went to the Update option from one of the software packages). After I did the new re-download, I was able to see a bunch of updates come up ont he AAM, and ran those.


            I haven't tried dragging to the dock for the AAM. I'm one of those people who has way too much stuff on my desktop, so it's an alias on my desktop.


            Now, I have to find out if the software's going to give me trouble trying to download and activate on my laptop, but hopefully this still only shows as one activation.


            Also, with all the updates that got run - Dreamweaver showed that it had updated, but when I open it, it still seems to be the old version! Sheesh!


            Gonna look for some posts on that one now.


            Thanks for the input and info. I guess misery does love company!

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              Rodscha Level 1

              Someone replied to me earler after I posted the update-question separately. If you have a CS6 app open you find an "Updates..." option under the Help menu (2nd from the bottom in my case). This launches one of the two "manifestions" of the AAM that checks for updates. I really don't understand why this AAM doesn't simply give you 2 options: To check if software from the suite is installed AND check for updates. Just one app with 2 buttons "installations" and "updates" would makes sense, no?...


              Also if I type in "CS6 software update" in the search here inside adobe's help section of this site this little piece of information (update by clicking HELP > Updates...) should really pop up somewhere. But nothing. Sad indeed...


              At least my issue seems to be fixed by updating the AAM. No more activation / licensing windows so far. Good luck with your troubles!

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                S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

                It was that "Updates" in the help that I'd tried early on - only to encounter my problems. I do agree - would be nice to have an install AND/OR an update button. These actually appeared to occur in completely separate programs (but at least I GOT there!)


                BTW, do you happen to know where the notifications come up that updates are available? If I hadn't been looking at MacUpdate.com, I never would've even known there were any available!