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    Import MXF file into premiere




      I'm using a canon XF100 and premiere pro CS5 on a Mac Pro.


      I would like to know the best workflow so I can get footage from the camera, into premiere so I can start editing.



      My attempts so far:


      1. Importing the MXF file directly into premiere


      Result: When dropping the clip onto the timeline, only the audio appears


      2. Using XCam Transfer to import the footage and convert to .mov


      Result: The audio and video appear on the time line, but the audio is shorter than the video and skips and jumps




      Your advice and patience is greatly appreciated.



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          UlfLaursen Level 2

          Hi Maxwell


          There has been reportet audioproblems reg. MXF-files here:




          Apparently Adome is working on a fix.


          If you copy the content of your memory card onto your harddrive before you import it, be sure to copy everythning in the same folder structure, to ensure correct import.


          Have you tried the media browser inside Premiere or just the import command?



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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The camera comes with the XF utility program.

            Have you tried that to get the files on to the computer.

            I am on windows and no trouble editing the files.

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              DaveTrayers Level 1

              There are two ways I have been successful:


              1. Copy just the MXF files from the memory card to the computer and import those files into your project.  PPr will create PEK files, but not conform them.  You will have to arrange them manually (join the spanned clips yourself).  Even with this method the audio sometimes disappears and you have to restart PPr to get it back.
              2. Use the Canon XF Utility to create a single MXF file of your spanned clips on the memory card and import the new file into the project.  PPr will create a PEK file and not conform.  I have not lost the audio with this method (yet).


              I prefer method 2 even though it takes a little longer to create.  I can name the file to whatever I want.  Keeping all the spanned clips straight with the default camera naming scheme is difficult sometimes.


              Regardless of the above methods, once I have the video arranged on the timeline, I'll render and replace the audio.  It's another added step, but it guarantees the audio won't disappear.

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                ExactImage Level 3

                We run with multiple XF100 cameras ona regular basis (on both Mac Pro and Windows).  Here is what I do.


                1) Copy the ENTIRE card to a folder of its own.  We tend to name them XF1, XF2, XF3 but you can call them what you want.


                2) In the Premiere Pro media browser navigate to where these folders are and choose one of the folders.  The thumbnails should appear in the media browser and you simply select them and drag them to the project window. 


                Job done.  Premiere Pro will correctly join all the clips where required, so you only have as many clips as the number of times you hit record.


                Now drag them to the sequence and go.


                It's a while since I used CS5 (we're now on CS6 via CS5.5) but I don't recall having any problems.  Make sure you updated to the latest version of CS5 though because I do recall an early bug where MXF files caused Pr to eat up lots of memory.

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                  In order to import MXF to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5/CS4, you can convert MXF to MPEG-2 HD or MP4 HD to import to MXF Premiere Pro CS5/CS4 for edit. Here is a step-by-step guide:



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                    al_bergstein Level 1

                    I am on W7  64, have both an xf305 and 105 and no problems importing mxf into Pr 6. I believe you may need to upgrade to 5.5 to solve the problem, as the 300 came out about the time of 5.0. They worked on 5.5 with no problems for me.


                    Once there, You can use the backup function in the utility or Export to MxF which allows you to rename the files in batch mode and export w/othe file structur. Much more useful!


                    I think, it seems to me that the Mac platform is having more problems than Windows, but it's only a guess.

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                      You need to convert  MXF to H.264 codec MOV format for using MXF files in Adobe Premiere, you can try freeware Handbrake, I have tested converting a short .mxf file to a .mov file using HandBreak. It works  well on quicktime and iMovie. Handbrake also supports to convert video all nearly all the formats. I think it may be your best selection for video converting.

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                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                        You need to convert  MXF to H.264 codec MOV format for using MXF files in Adobe Premiere


                        That is simply not true.


                        For starters, MXF is nothing more than a container.  Like MOV or AVI, it can hold quite a few video and audio types.  Unlike MOV (but like AVI), it is strictly a container format, and is not subject to being a 32 or 64 bit process, bugs, it doesn't need be installed or updated, or other irregularities.  Of the three, MOV is the worst choice for a container.  MXF is the best, and AVI second best.


                        Having said that, what determines whether or not a particular MXF file will work in a specific version of PP is whether or not support for that video format is included in that version of PP.


                        If you find that your version of PP doesn't handle that video, then conversion may well be in order, but another MXF, an AVI, or even an MP4 if using H.264, is a better option than MOV.

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                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Premiere handles Canon mxf files just fine.

                          Copy CONTENTS from the card into a folder of its own and call it e.g. card 1

                          In the Media Browser navigate to card 1 and voila the clips appear.

                          If you do not want all the metadate and single files (as each clip is in its own folder)

                          use the XF Utitilty and export to MXF.

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                            al_bergstein Level 1

                            This thread started in 2012, by someone running CS5. I'm surprised that nission even bothered to answer the question given that the OP hasn't been back to get any more info. . I have no idea if CS5 had a problem with MXF files or not,if that's what Nission was saying, then please clarify,  but 5.5 and beyond has had no problems, as I use it frequently. For any future readers of this thread, Ann's analysis is correct.

                            • 11. Re: Import MXF file into premiere

                              UFUSoft MXF Covnerter for Mac is the best software for you to convert Canon XF100 MXF to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5,CS6 for editing with pertect a/v sync,you can free download and try it.

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                                cc_merchant Level 4

                                Who converts native format that can easily be edited in PR to some intermediate with whatever software, reducing quality, extending conversion time, increasing storage requirements when it is utterly NOT necessary? Something must be wrong here...

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                                  Shao Lung

                                  I actually have a question.....something weird is going on. I have Adobe PPro CS6 and am having trouble with not getting Canon MXF files into PPro, but getting them imported as on clip. I have tried EVERY method available and discussed and they still show as multiple 5 minute chunks. Also, under properties, they are showing as "XDCAM-HD" movie dlips and not Canon MXF. They are all shot on one of my three Canon XF100's. All 1080p and 50MB/s rates. I use the project setting for Canon MXF 1080p 29.97. I have copied the ENTIRE contents of my memory cards to their own subdirectory(folder)on my RAID Capture drive. It does not make any difference if I use media browser or just file/import - they just will not be joined for editing (or even shown that way) by PPro. The reason this is such an issue is that I use PluralEyes to synch the mutliple angle shots, and though PluralEyes sees them as one clip, Premiere does not, and it is causing import audio/video editors on the clips lasting longer than 5 minutes.....there is no video or audio, and I believe it is because though PE is seeing the clip as one joined file, PPro is not. The only way that I have gotten PPro to see the files as Canon MXF is if I stick the Memory card itself in - and why would anyone ant to import or work with files directly on CF cards? Please, please someone help.

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                                    al_bergstein Level 1

                                    Shao: can you try re-importing off the card by using the XF utilities? I would try both normal backup or export as MXF.

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                                      Shao Lung Level 1


                                      Thanks for the advice. I "backed up" the card to a folder on my HD, renamed it to correspond with the project and imported media using media browser. Worked like a charm. Awsesome. Now if I can only get PluralEyes 3.2 to work within PPro itself I would be set. I have a tech request out to Red Giant on this. It works standalone fine but not by using the connector extension within PPro. Again, thank you, the backup option worked perfectly.

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                                        al_bergstein Level 1

                                        Glad it worked.

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                                          cc_merchant Level 4

                                          Nonsense. MXF works fine with PR, both from Canon and Sony cameras. The only requirement is that you copy the complete contents of your storage card to the hard disk and use Media Browser to import the clips into your project.


                                          Using a video converter is ill-advised, takes unnecessary time and causes a generation loss.

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                                            UlfLaursen Level 2

                                            Agree with you 100% cc - I have edited tons of native MXF



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                                              Shao Lung Level 1

                                              Since posting on this thread, I have edited tons of MXF in Premiere CS6 no problem. The only caveat is you have to import via media browser for the files to be spanned. Works fabulous though.

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                                                max0517 Level 1

                                                I think this thread should be marked as "solved", for many guys before has already posted the correct answers. But for me, recently , the new Samsung NX 1 files encoded under H.265/HEVC can't be imported in Premiere. I would like to see that work. I have tried many apps, which most of them have failed , but one seems to be OK. Video Converter from pav, I found it in Download.cnet. And maybe I will use it until premiere can support this codec

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                                                  Well please wait a sec with that, I also have a problem and could find any solution yet.

                                                  I shot footage with a borrowed fx 105for a school project and i am in the middle of editing it in première pro CS6. I had no problem what so ever with importing them, but when I tried to export my project I came acrossthe same problem as if I tried to play the raw mxf files using VLC player, the frames sort of copy themselfs over eachiquer. I heard this could be part of shooting 50i, but it played correct in PP CS6 so I expected it to export correctly. Please help and please say there is a solution that sows not involve starting over completely

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                                                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    I have been editing canon mxf for a couple of years now. Never seen of heard this issue.

                                                    Re install VLC or check the settings.

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                                                      Hi! I don't know why but when I take my Canon C300 footage from the media browser in Premiere Pro CC 2014 to the project window, all the clips are just 30 seconds long.

                                                      It is like it has a limit! I haven't seen that before, but it is driving me crazy, because I cannot find anyone with the same ploblem...Any idea?

                                                      • 24. Re: Import MXF file into premiere



                                                        Here is a video that describes on how to fix this issue:


                                                        FIXED!!! The importer reported a generic error with MXF import - YouTube



                                                        Hope this helps....



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                                                          max0517 Level 1

                                                          Adobe may not read the original video codec so there could be only audio no video. Adobe supported formats.

                                                          Actually a footage that recorded in MXF will contain several other info files like xml, cif, sif, etc. It's necessary to keep the entire file structure intact. So if you convert the footage to any format that Adobe can read (recommend MPEG-2 mpg or AVC mov), you'd better to ensure the converter will detect and pull in all the info files to keep the timecode, file channels and other info completely. Among all the products I've tried, Pavtube MXF Converter is the most efficient and I'm trying out its pro version.

                                                          • 26. Re: Import MXF file into premiere
                                                            ExactImage Level 3

                                                            Try downloading the trial version of EditReady by Divergent Media.  It can now read MXF and rewrap the footage for you in a way that Premiere Pro reads perfectly.

                                                            • 28. Re: Import MXF file into premiere
                                                              julialloyds45 Level 1

                                                              Hi friend recommended me to install the latest updates and try some MXF plug-ins that is still didn’t work well. After looking into this more, I came across the MXF File converter which offers you much better native MXF support than its predecessor, Avid capture MXF files, P2 MXF in P2 card PROXY, etc. MXF footages still can’t be supported by Premiere Pro CC 7. If you want to import and edit MXF files in Premiere Pro CC in the flawless way, which is reliable workaround I've found so far is to transcode MXF to MPEG-2 or WMV, the most edit-friendly format for Adobe(any version).


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                                                              • 29. Re: Import MXF file into premiere
                                                                sambojo Level 1

                                                                It has been years, and I am also still having problems with MXF files.  I import the folder containing the mxf files in the media browser and all 9 clips have the exact same content. But when I view them clips in any viewer they are all correct.  I am trying to figure out how to convert them so i can use import them correctly.  Any ideas?  I read that it may be due to them being over 2gb.  What do I do?

                                                                • 30. Re: Import MXF file into premiere
                                                                  Gloriaivy Level 1

                                                                  MXF supports a number of different streams of coded "essence", encoded in any of a variety of video and audio compression formats, together with a metadata wrapper which describes the material contained within the MXF file. By reading parameters, we know that Panasonic Op-Atom variant of MXF video in DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, AVC-Intra; XDCAM HD Movie; Sony XDCAM HD 50 (4:2:2); Avid MXF Movie; Native Canon XF are supported by Adobe Premiere Pro.

                                                                  • 31. Re: Import MXF file into premiere
                                                                    TDCat Photography Level 1

                                                                    This one appears to be back. The problem is not quite the same but the file type is. I am attempting to import Canon MXF files into Premiere Pro CC 2015 and the import hangs immediately.


                                                                    If I move just the MXF files into a separate folder (excluding the .CIF, .CPF, .XML and .SIF files) the import works perfectly.


                                                                    Yet another bug in CC 2015. Apparently an update is due next week (W/C 27th July 2015) to resolve a number of issues. I hope this is one of them.

                                                                    • 32. Re: Import MXF file into premiere
                                                                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                      Canon mxf file import is not broken in 2015.

                                                                      Copy entire card to hdd and put the CONTENTS  folder in a folder of its own e.g. Video.

                                                                      Then import via Media Browser.

                                                                      Or use the XF Utility to export so single mxf files.

                                                                      • 33. Re: Import MXF file into premiere

                                                                        Hi Simon, I have the latest PP version on my iMac at home (my personal licence). Here at work i have a work licence for PP version 8.0.0. At home i have no issue for importing the Canon MXF files, but here at work i dosen't work. I can't import the files. I get a file Import Failure message saying "File format not supported".. Du you or anyone else have any suggestions?

                                                                        • 34. Re: Import MXF file into premiere

                                                                          It appears this problem has indeed come back. I have been working with MXF files from the same P2 Cards for over 4 years with nary a hiccup. Now, I have the problem encountered by the OP:

                                                                          "Importing the MXF file directly into Premiere

                                                                          Result: When dropping the clip onto the timeline, only the audio appears"

                                                                          Working in the latest version of PP CC. Very frustrating. Same behavior when importing via Media Browser. (I've tried re-importing from the card too.) Thoughts? Commiseration?

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