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    Please check that this is a valid FrameMaker document.


      I am working to convert a very large FrameMaker manual into RoboHelp. Two of the files are over 330MB each. When I try to link or import either of these, I get the message that "File X could not be opened. Please verify that FrameMaker is installed and this is a valid FrameMaker file."


      I have several other files that work fine. I do have FM installed and these documents open fine in FM. I see from a 2008 post that the diagnosis of a similar problem was large file size. Is there any workaround? I have a lot of cross-references in these files that are going to be wrecked if I break it up into smaller files. Plus, breaking them up into a zillion files is going to wreck any advantage I had from linking to the source files.


      I am on a very short deadline with this. Please help!