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    CS5.1 Menu - editing individual char attributes

    ET.K Level 1

      I just realized that I cannot edit attributes of individual characters in menu text box.

      If I highlight a portion of text in a box, then as soon as I click on Character panel the highlight disappears and entire box is selected (handles appear).

      I can accomplish the task with "edit Menu in Photoshop", but I used to be able to do this within Encore CS3.

      As a test, I installed Encore CS5.1 on 32bit XP partition containing CS3, and it behaved the same way (unable to edit attributes of individual chars).

      I have not been able to find any info on this on the net.  Am I missing something?

      Thank you for any insight on this.


      Production Premium CS5.5

      on Win7 SP1 64bit