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    Resizing circle: strange results

    leo.r Level 1



      I'm getting weird results after resizing a simple circular icon in Photoshop CS6 on Mac OS X 10.8.


      I'm resizing from 128 px to 60 px.


      The final icon is not totally circular: it has some excrescences on four sides.


      Tried every possible resampling modes.


      Resizing the sime icon in Preview gives perfect results.


      Here's the examples:


      Original icon: http://zevrix.com/_img-misc/tmp/bo-crcl-128.png


      Resized in Photoshop: http://zevrix.com/_img-misc/tmp/boicon-60-phs.jpg


      Resized in Preview: http://zevrix.com/_img-misc/tmp/of-icon-60.png



      Any ideas why it happens?


      Thanks for any help,