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    Cannot uninstall Adobe Flash 10 Activex


      I'm having lots of problems with the new Adobe Flash 11 player. In the course of trying to diagnose the problem, I found that there is a copy of Adobe Flash 10 player Activex control in my Programs and Features under Control Panels.


      OS: Vista Home Premium SP2

      Browsers: Firefox 14, IE9, Safari 5.1.7


      Unfortunately, when I click on the entry in Programs and Features, no uninstall option appears. Right-clicking it does nothing, and neither does clicking it and hitting Enter.


      When I try to install Flash 11, it installs successfully along with an Activex for IE, but the version 10 Activex is still showing in Programs and Features.


      The biggest symptom of this condition appears to be extremely slow operation in Firefox with Flash installed...pages take MINUTES to become available. In IE, the browser reported that Flash was not installed, even though it was. In Safari, sometimes Flash would work, sometimes it wouldn't


      I ended up uninstalling Flash 11 plus Flash 11 Activex in order to get my browsers to work properly so I could seek out this forum to post this.


      I also previously had the latest version of Chrome installed, but Flash wouldn't work there either. My undersanding is that Chrome comes with Flash, so I didn't understand how Chrome could not be working with Flash. I uninstalled Chrome a one point trying to see if anything would improve, and I have not yet re-installed it.


      Can anyone suggest a way I can get the Flash 10 Activex uninstalled? I don't even know if it's what is causing my problems, but I'm trying to get rid of it in order to eliminate it as a candidate.