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        I've been missing one big thing for me as a cartograther. It's about smart guides.

        When I'making a map over a city for example, the streets are often linked together in a 90 degree angle. The problem is that the roadnet are not always in a straight angle to "up and down" in illustrator.

        What I'm looking for is a smart guide that gives me a sertain angle (for example a 90 degree angle)  from the last drawn line. See pict.

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          This applies to all of the Adobe  Creative Suite Design Premium:


          Currently, if you go to the font drop down  menu, you see a preview list of all fonts installed on your computer.   Supposedly, if you turn some fonts off in a seperate font manager  program, you ca control which fonts display or dont display.



          But there is  no way to efficiently group fonts so they are easy to get to:


          for example  if i am in illustrator , photoshop or indesign,  i should be able to go  to ...


          Type  > fonts > favorites > helvetica neue


          Type >  fonts > web > verdana


          Type > fonts > hand  written > "chicken scratch"


          You get the idea....


          It would be  great if this function were integrated into the personal workspaces  feature


          and  panels maybe ?  you could open up the "san serif" panel which would  have previews of everything you put in that category displayed like  brish strokes preview panel.

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            I'm working with SCADA systems, like Siemens Wincc, Cytect, Cimplicity, and so on.

            There is a problem with every single one of them. Their graphic editors are extremly poor.

            I wish there some day could come a HMI/SCADA system with the Adobe Illustrator as a drawing tool, and you would be able to take advantage of all the cool effects and posibillities Illustrater gives you, when drawing HMI projects.


            Is this something you ever have concidered to make?


            It's hard to be used to working with cool effects in Illustrator, and you suddenly have to deal with the poor drawing tools in SCADA systems....


            Why don't you bang your heads together with the guys in Siemens, and make a f... nice Scada system with Illustrator Drawing engine? :-)


            I hope it will happen one day :-)

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              Yes, PLEASE put the halftone pallete (or something that will allow us to do the same things) from Freehand in illustrator!


              I need to be able to assign specific screen angles and frequencies within one document (without changing any colors).