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    Retrieving action from links


      Hi all,


      We have a large number of pdf files that contains links to other pdf files. What I would like to do is to scan each pdf file and extract which other files are linked from this file, since this is not known. Ive used GetLinks in order to retrieve the links for one page, but as I read it from the documentation its only possible to edit some graphical appearence and setAction, not actually retreive the information from the actual action in the link object. So my question is, are there any workarounds for this case? If its not possible to retreive the action information, is it possible to programmaticly trigger the event(mouse up i think) for the each link, since the link object contains coordinates  for the link? And then retrieve information about the new document that is opened. Then go to next link object and so on. Any ideas would be very appreciated.