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    Problem with export to 3D pdf


      I'm trying to export a file from Photoshop cs6 into a 3D pdf. This is what I do... In Photoshop messing with a U3D file created in CATIA, I finish what I'm doing, go to 3D at the top select export 3D layer from the drop down, new window opens asking to save as, I save it as a .U3D file again, and then that's it for Photoshop. I then go to Acrobat, go to create new pdf from file, select the same .u3d file, but upon opening it, all colors are lost, and it appears gray. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a quick easy fix?

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          G John2

          In my experience Acrobat won't preserve layers and colors.  Import your file into the 3D Reviewer instead.

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            What's your setup for coloring and texturing the 3D materials in PS? Usually the texture embedding in U3D works fine if the materials are assigned solid colors or flat textures - it will ask you to choose PNG or JPEG compression and the ECMA version (1 or 3), but any combination will create a file that Acrobat X Pro can understand.


            Here's some screenshots of a 3D text layer created in PS CS6 with a bitmap on the front face and two solid colors for the extrusion and bevel. Exported using ECMA1-JPEG and dropped straight into Acrobat X Pro with the default options.


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              browla48614861 Level 1

              yeah, i tried to just do it as a text file, which in .u3d form is 103kb and it worked out with all color, but the file i'm trying to touch up and convert back to the pdf is, in .3d form, is 1,717kb... is that part of the problem?

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                I have been having a similiar issue. I am creating a simple 3D file in Photoshop CS6 Extended. I take a cirlce, color it yellow, then take it into 3D. I don't have any extrusion on it and just have a slight pillow inflate. I render the file and then export the 3D layer to .u3d using the default options. Then take and drop it onto the Acrobat Pro X app icon. Then when it opens in Acrobat make color of the cicrle is offset by about 35 percent and leaves the remain shape gray. It's like the color file and the shape file have been shifted. Very strange. I don't get it consistently but it has happened about 25 percent of the time. Very frustrating. Anyone have any ideas?

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                  Im having the same issue in Photoshop CC. Everytime I export a 3D pdf all my textures are in the wrong places?? Has anyone found a solution for this??

                  See on the left what it looks link in Photoshop and on the right the exported PDF.