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    Acrobat 9.5.1 BSOD


      (Windows 7 PC) - Have been using Acrobat successfully for about two years. Yesterday, was creating a PDF when BSOD, page fault, occurred. Did a scan with Microsoft Security Essentials and found that several viruses had gotten through - two Java exploits and Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A.


      Proceeded with clean-up with MS Security Essentials and with Defender Offline and they claim all viruses have been removed.


      Acrobat 9.5.1 continued to get the same BSOD condition - initialize the program, it churns by itself and faults in about 10 seconds or so. Attempted uninstall - failed with BSOD.


      Used MS Fixit which identified uninstall issues and 'corrupt patch registry keys' - MS Fixit claimed to fix the uninstall issue but could not fix "corrupt patch registry keys'.  Next uninstall attempt failed with installer note "This action is valid only for products that are currently installed".


      Next step - renamed Program Files (x86)Adobe/Acrobat folder to get that folder 'out of the way'. Reinstalled Acrobat from original CD - Acrobat 9.0 --- some install alerts flew by but the install seemed to complete successfully and a new Acrobat file was created within the Adobe tree - and several drivers were replaced within Windows.  No change in outcome - the installed Acrobat 9.0 thrashes to a page fault BSOD all by itself after initialization.


      Attempted to to update 9.0 to 9.1 via the Adobe web site but the installer couldn't find Acrobat - "...program missing or patch may update a different version...." . Ran MS Fixit again with focus on "install" and Fixit identified "corrupt patch registry keys" - and then claimed to have been able to fix that issue but the version update continues to fail with ".... program missing ....".


      I am prepared to get Acrobat X Standard to get past these problems if that seems reasonable. It's possible I might have to do a complete OS reload but I'd like to avoid that especially if I get Acrobat X.


      I'd appreciate suggestions from the Adobe "pros".


      Thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Acrobat Cleaner Tool


          And flush the config data in your user directory as well as the global Defaujlt/ All Users folder.



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            Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

            Moving this discussion to the Acrobat Installation & Update Issues forums.

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              I do not know the answer yet.  The same problem of BSOD occurred to me when I open up any pdf after 3 years of using the same system without incident.

              Have struggled for the past week to reinstall Acrobat but could not even do it without BSOD.


              Last night, I finally got the combination of tools below to remove any trace of the adobe clean.  (listed in order of discovery, but should be used in reverse order).

              1. Revo Uninstaller - after running Adobe Cleaner Tool, run this

              2. Adobe Cleaner Tool - after manually delete everything with unlocker possible, run this.

              3. Unlocker - I used this to delete all the stubborn files in Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0 prior to runing Adobe Cleaner Tool. Without this step, the BSOD keeps on shutting the system down.


              However, upon reinstalling CS5, the same problem occured.

              Am in the process of wiping out everything again and skip Acrobat for now, until a fix can be developed by

              Something occurred with the latest updates from Adobe.  I couldn't even update Adobe Flash prior to doing all of this.  Revo Uninstaller showed that I had 3 versions of acrobat installed. That was just insane.  This was when I realized that the issue is with Adobe and not the hardware (which I spent 4 days trying to ascertain, including buying new RAM).


              I also have NeatWorks so I have wiped this one out as well.  Will reinstall later.


              Hope this helps and that Adobe does something about this whole thing.

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                jgp099 Level 1



                An update for you on my circumstance - perhaps this will be helpful for you.


                It appears that I was hit with a rootkit virus where the final solution was (I believe) to run Kaspersky TDSSKiller.exe - you can track that down by keyword searching for that on majorgeeks.com ----


                Once I got rid of that virus problem, Acrobat became instantly healthy again - good correlation. I have no idea how I acquired the virus - or when. No previous MSE scans identified the problem.


                Some specifics - during my investigation, I ran a complete system scan with MS Security Essentials - over multiple full scans and taking recommended action, Security Essentials continued to show "rootkit:DOS/Alureon.A" as a problem virus.


                Security Essentials indicates it can not completely delete that virus and instructs that Defender Offline should be run - that's a software download to a specially formatted disk that then does a full scan in 'standalone' mode - restart from that disk and do a full scan. There is no positive indication that the standalone scan was useful. To the contrary, the standalone Defender scan was not successful and "rootkit: DOS/Alureon.A" always popped back up on a full Security Essentials scan run under Windows - and Acrobat consistently generated a BSOD.


                Following majorgeeks.com recommendation for that particular virus, I downloaded TDSSKiller.exe (free), ran it using the guide and notes provided by majorgeeks.com. The most interesting thing is that TDSSKiller identified and eliminated a different rootkit virus - "boot:Pihar.C" and never noted finding and dealing with "rootkit:DOS/Alureon.A".  Regardless, Acrobat 9.5.1 became instantly healthy and Security Essentials full scans (several, over time) never again showed "rootkit:DOS/Alureon.A".


                Tracking down a rootkit virus and it's spawn takes special skill and tools as rootkits disguise themselves a native to the system and launch other virus attacks that can be nasty. The only reasonable conclusion I have is that some rootkit virus got into my system at some point and corrupted some code that was used by Acrobat, perhaps exclusively by Acrobat, but not within Acrobat itself.


                The imperfect correlations I had were (1) an automatic Java software update followed by (2) immediate Acrobat BSOD followed by (3) Security Essentials identifying a serious rootkit virus but not able to delete it followed by (4) Kaspersky TDSSKiller.exe wiping out a different, but serious, rootkit virus followed by (5) an apparently healthy system again.


                Note, also, Security Essentials or Standalone Defender scan (can't recall which) give a notation that the MBR - master boot record - may be damaged with a rough guide on how to fix that. I chose to run "mbrcheck.exe" - another good pointer from majorgeeks.com. "mbrcheck.exe" does nothing more than verify whether the master boot record is healthy or not. Mine was fine, so the cryptic notations from MSE or Defender regarding the master boot record are not necessarily a useful tributary.


                I subsequently reran the Java update with no problems.


                Not to make this overly complicated, but my steps did include a full system restore to about a full month prior to the virus hit/BSOD event - with no success in eliminating the virus. From what I read, a "rootkit" virus can reside in software that is outside of the range of "sys restore point and recovery" - the master boot record is just one example of system code that is outside the realm of standard restore points.


                Hope this helps - good luck.

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