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    When will be next update done?


      Hello Muse teams!


      When will be next update done?



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          fixmbr Level 1

          Q3 whenever that is.... If you want my opinion, the way they are handling bugs that are present in the current iteration of Muse is rather woeful. I'm very glad I decided not to subscribe to it. I would seriously subscribe to Muse if they had at LEAST monthly bug fixes/feature updates. But no, it's got to be quarterly. Why? Because apparently Adobe thinks this is the best way to do it.


          If I was the guy in charge of the people who decide when updates should be released I'd be cracking the whip. People want BASIC BUGS fixed ASAP - not 6 months later. If they are not fixed ASAP, a lot of people WILL go somewhere else before even subscribing. I don't see why it has to take so long to add a lot of these new features either. You don't have to do them all at once, just a handful each month will keep a lot of people happy and willing to continue their subscription.


          That said - I do check back at least once a week to see if any new has happened.


          So, yes - there is an update coming afaik. It's gonna be HUGE and LOADED with new features/bug fixes!

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            Corey@Adobe Employee Moderator

            Zak has mentioned the next release of Muse here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4525450


            The Muse team expects to make quarterly feature updates to Muse. Muse was released in May, and the next release of Muse is expected in late August.


            Best regards,


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              eliteart.pro Level 2

              Ok, thank you for answer. And what new features and bug fixes we will see? Or only bug fixes?

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                Corey@Adobe Employee Moderator

                Unfortunately, I can't give you a list at this time, but the new version will include both new features and fixes!

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                  topelovely Level 4

                  The Most anticipated Release!


                  I just hope it's worth it. Fingers crossed!


                  My top expectations:


                  • Expecting to see the widget support 100% width and height(fullscreen).
                  • The box tool support for 100% height.
                  • Full screen Background image and slideshow with navigation
                  • Text-flow for multiple columns



                  If we have this then Adobe has redefined web publishing just the way they did with desktop publishing. This is what we should be doing with Muse 2.0: http://tablet.sportingnews.com/2012-08-01/sn-sn-s-preseason-rankings.html


                  So, this is the more reason all widgets containers should stretch to 100% width and height. Presently there is a bug in the widgets container, we hope that is part of the fixes.