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    Changing EXE title, broken in Flash Player 11?


      Hi all,


      I know there are a lot of these topics out there, but all the ones I found seem to be quite old and do not address the issue I am having.


      I am looking to change the title of flash exe that I have outputted. Normally in the past I would do this using a tool like Resource Hacker by Angus Johnson which allowed me to modify the particular string resource inside of the exe that was tied to the title of the window. I have receantly upgraded to CS6 and now it seems when I try and do this the string resource that I modified before is no longer there, and I can find no corresponding string for the title of the EXE. I have tried several other resource modifiers and have still not been able to find it.


      Is this perhaps intentional by Adobe? Do they not want me modifing the title or am I just doing it wrong/not seeing the resource?


      I have heard that it can be done through code in Flash Builder, what about in AS2 Flash?


      Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.



      Thank you.