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    Know the name of the effect im using

    LeeXiaoLoong Level 1

      is there a way to know which effect im using? for an error i drag a different effect on a text and change the effect list selection, so i don't know now which effect is the active one, is there a way to know the name of this effect? some effect does not appear in the effect control (in the up right corner)


      please help me

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          For an effect, you can highlight the layer and look at the Effect Controls pane.  Or twirl down the layer's properties to see the effects applied. 


          Or are you talking about a text animation preset?  It's difficult to tell.....

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            LeeXiaoLoong Level 1



            look the image, under TUTORIAL text layer there is the TEXT menù right? (in italian is TESTO) when i open that submenù i have those 2 animation called ANIMATORE - POSIZIONE SCALA and ANIMATORE - POSIZIONE SCALA 2

            ive checked for the third time all the effects in the right panel, took me more than 1 hour but i can't find those effects..

            as you can see in the upper panel (effect control) there are no effects active and in the TUTORIALS layer menù there is no EFFECT submenù


            can someone help me to solve this problem?

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Some text animation presets use more than one text animator.  I don't know the Italian names of the text animation presets so it's difficult to know exactly what you did.  Click on the eye icons next to the names to turn off the preset's visibility.


              Even though you keep talking about EFFECTS applied to a text layer, I don't see any effects applied in the Effect Controls panel

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                Greg Baber Adobe Employee

                Text Animators and Effects are two different tools. Effects can be seen in the timeline as well as the Effects Control Panel.  Text Animators will only show in the timeline.



                I imagine what happened here is that there was an Animation Preset applied to your text.  This automatically adds Animators and keyframes that you can adjust any way you want.  If you want to see all of the keyframes that were applied, type 'u'


                The best way to determine what Preset was applied is to look at what the text is doing.  All of our prebuilt Animations have descriptive names.  I don't know the Italian either, but for example 3D Flutter In From Right will give an idea as to how it will look.  You can browse the Animation Presets from the Animation menu to see examples of each in Bridge.  There is a handy video.


                To find the Animation Presets for Text, bring up the Animation Presets in Bridge or look in the Effects and Presets panel.  Animation Presets should be at the top.  Inside the Presets, look for Text, then choose the behavior you see.


                One more tip -- Animation Presets are set to a default of 2 second duration.  You are not held to that -- you can change the speed and settings of any keyframes you want!

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                  LeeXiaoLoong Level 1

                  found, is Watch Insertion (in italian is inserimento orologio) thank you all

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                    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Select the layer in the timeline and press UU to display all parameters which have been altered from the default settings.  This will typically display all animation components of an Animation Preset.