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    AAM consistently fails when attempting to download Creative Cloud applications

    Steven J. Howells

      I've tried everything, including the CS Cleaner Tool, too get AAM to function with my purchased Creative Cloud subscription but so far no luck.


      Story so far...


      First I downloaded AAM from the CC apps page via the app download dialogue and the installation fails with an error code (12E5 or something, I forget).


      So I downloaded ApplicationManager6.2_all.exe from the downloads page and successfully installed AAM. But when I try to download anything from the CC apps page, AAM spins for a while and then fails with "Download Error. Please contact customer support"


      I repeated these steps a number of times, using the cleaner tool as required in between, while variably running as administrator, turning off Norton firewall, virus protection etc., even putting my laptop in the router DMZ. No luck, I get the same results which are at least consistent.


      So just for fun, I successfully downloaded a trial version of Dreamweaver CS6 using Download Assistant. Then I successfully licensed the software, presumably because the routine detected my purchased CC eligibility. I repeated this process for Illustrator CS6 and Audition CS6. Then, out of curiosity, I fired off AAM via "check for updates" within Dw. AAM worked like a charm and offered me a list of updates, a couple of which I accepted and successfully installed.


      Despite that partial success with AAM, it still fails consistently when I try to download from CC, or if I clean things up and try to install AAM fresh from CC.


      This is preventing me from installing from CC - a show stopper.