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    How to create an image button..


      Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS5

      Level of mastery: very novice

      Goal: Creat Button for a website

      Environment: Windows Vista


      Problem:The following images are buttons has already been designd . One image is in the normal status, while the other button is in the rollver status. I want to create an indetical image with same properties such as (size, font type, font size, font color background color) called "Intuitive Healer". I dont know how to mimic the font and the background colors. 

      klass2b_b2.gif normal status of a button

      klass2b_b2_over.gifrollover button


      Intuitve Healer ? normal

      Intuitive Healer ?Rollover


      I am curious to learn how to create a button with exact "look and feel" design and write on it Inutive healer


      Make my day