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    CS5, corrupted .fla file


      I recently got Flash CS5 a couple days ago. I moved a large .fla file that I'd been working on in Flash 8 into CS5 yesterday and I've been working smoothly with it since then. (I converted it to CS5 format of course)

      Suddenly, today, CS5 crashed when I tried to copy/paste a symbol into another file's library. The file I had been working in is now corrupted, since CS5 crashes every time I try to open that file.


      I have been working with flash (Flash 8 professional) for four years, and I have never once experienced anything like this. Crashes, sure - but flash8 never corrupted an fla file. Four years, no problems. Two days with CS5 and all of my work in the program is down the drain.


      This is very frustrating. Is there anything I can do to save my .fla file, or is this something that I just have to learn to work around?

      Thank you for help/suggestions.