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    PP CS4 won't launch or capture


      I've used Premiere for 10 years but may have to toss it overboard if I can't get it to launch. First it wouldn't capture despite checking the proper HDV setting in Capture Settings and Sequence settings and ensuring an HDV output from the camcorder. Now it won't even launch, after rebooting and even re-installing. I just get a spinning wheel and Program Not Responding.


      I'm a filmmaker and cannot be without an editing program, so any help will be much appreciated.

      Otherwise I'll have to switch to FCPX and learn a new language with a huge library of non-usable PPro project files.



           PPro CS4 for Mac (can't tell version since it won't launch but recently updated)

           Mac Pro w/OS 10.5.8

      2x 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (8-core)

      4 GB RAM  

      750 GB HD 7200 rpm Serial ATA

      512 MB RAM NVIDIA GeFORCE 8800 GT



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you use Cleaner Tool before re-installing?


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            4&E Level 1

            No, I'll try it next week, Thanks for the prompt reply.

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              4&E Level 1

              I used the Cleaner Tool, following all instructions, and the program launched but wouldn't play clips. I checked all capture, playback, and camcorder settings, downloaded updates to PPro 4.2.1, and rebooted computer but the program wouldn't capture HDV footage. I captured it via quicktime and imported that but the program still wouldn't play the footage. In the process of all this the program crashed and required relaunching probably at least 7-8 times. Also, the device control wouldn't work, sometimes saying "try resetting camcorder" or claiming it was offline when it wasn't.


              Having used Premiere for 10 years and this version for 4, having learned innumerable workarounds and program quirks, and having important projects in progress with this software, it's going to be very tough to have to adapt to FCPX, but this has become a serious time sinkhole. I do appreciate the help of AB and others who have responded to forum queries over the years but as a professional I just can't afford to spend all this time troubleshooting. Editing programs are supposed to enable editors to get their projects edited.


              If anyone thinks there might yet be a solution, please let me know.