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    aligning objects to the center

    arjun2 Level 1

      how can i center objects to the center of the page? i.e. all the centers should overlap with the center of the page?

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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          If you go to Window>Object and Layout>Align, you can align objects to each other (selection), but also to the margin, spread, or page.



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            arjun2 Level 1

            okay thnks

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              arjun2 Level 1

              hey , how can i create shortcut for this?

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                The Usual Way: InDesign Help: Customize menus and keyboard shortcuts


                Not every single command inside panels can be assigned a shortcut to but these 32 are available:


                Product area : Object Editing


                Horizontal Align Centre --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Align Left --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Align Right --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Distribute Centre --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Distribute Left --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Distribute Right --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Distribute Space --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Margin Align Centre --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Margin Align Left --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Margin Align Right --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Page Align Centre --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Page Align Left --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Page Align Right --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Spread Align Centre --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Spread Align Left --- [none defined]

                Horizontal Spread Align Right --- [none defined]


                Vertical Align Bottom --- [none defined]

                Vertical Align Centre --- [none defined]

                Vertical Align Top --- [none defined]

                Vertical Distribute Bottom --- [none defined]

                Vertical Distribute Centre --- [none defined]

                Vertical Distribute Space --- [none defined]

                Vertical Distribute Top --- [none defined]

                Vertical Margin Align Bottom --- [none defined]

                Vertical Margin Align Centre --- [none defined]

                Vertical Margin Align Top --- [none defined]

                Vertical Page Align Bottom --- [none defined]

                Vertical Page Align Centre --- [none defined]

                Vertical Page Align Top --- [none defined]

                Vertical Spread Align Bottom --- [none defined]

                Vertical Spread Align Centre --- [none defined]

                Vertical Spread Align Top --- [none defined]

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                  arjun2 Level 1

                  oh this was the list. thanks