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    Cannot disable snapping to artboard edges

    Teetow1 Level 1

      I'm creating SVG icons, and due to the removal of SVG as an output format for Save for Web, I've switched to having a series of 16x16 artboards for my icons. Problem is, no matter what snapping features I disable, my artwork still snaps to the artboard edges when I move it around (regardless if I use the mouse or the arrow keys). This makes it impossible to align artwork to such a small artboard, and it also seems like pixel snapping shuts off, causing mis-aligned artwork.


      Failed solutions

      • View menu >> Snap to Pixel disabled
      • View menu >> Snap to Point disabled
      • View menu >> Smart guide disabled
      • Transform palette >> Align to Pixel Grid disabled



      • Set Keyboard increment to 0.5px, which will round up to 1px in Pixel Mode. Keyboard nudging now behaves as expected, but mouse behavior is still erratic.
      • Use the Free Transform tool. It behaves slighly less erratically than the Selection and Direct Selection tool.


      Steps to reproduce

      • Create a new document, 16x16 px
      • Verify that you're in pixel mode
      • Create a 14x14 px square
      • Try and position it in the center of the artboard using the mouse or keyboard increments
      • Observe the artwork snapping to the edges of the documents, or bypassing snapping altogether


      Hope this helps.