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    navigateToURL doesn't work in .html

    jacquesge Level 1



      I have a button in my flash which leads to another .html page. Here's my as3 code :


      formations.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myBtnClicked);

      function myBtnClicked(e:MouseEvent):void { 

      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(www.thelink.com));



      When I preview in flash, it works just fine. When I look at the .swf file alone, it works fine too. But when I open it in my .html file, nothing happens!


      I looked in different forums to search for a possible solution : someone said to change all the allowScriptAccess parameters to "always" in the .html code, which I did and it still doesn't work. Another person said to change all the allowFullScreen parameters to "true" (I did it too, although I'm not quite sure how this could solve my problem).


      In the help pages of Adobe I found that if I added a parameter to my navigateToURL like _blank, the security would be higher, so I removed it : still doesn't work.


      In Chrome I receive an alert message that tells me to change my flash player parameters : but I can't actually expect people to do that.


      So, I'm out of ideas there... Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you very much!