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    "Play All" vs "Select scenes"


      Good morning.

      First time posting, so forgive me if this has been discussed at length.


      I am attempting to create a DVD with 2 things.

      1) Play all

      2) Select scene


      I am playing with 3 short clips, to learn this.


      I created the sub menu... and can see the image frame


      I created a single timeline, imported the assets, and they show as 3 pieces, each with their own chapter number.


      If I get it to "play all", ergo the timeline beginning to end, then when I select the "select scene" button and try to play them individually, they don't.  Selecting the first "scene", it then runs the timeline start to finish.


      If I get the "select scene" button to play each clip, returning to the submenu... THEN, when I hit the "Play All" button... it stops at each clip, returning to the sub menu.


      There must be a way to have these buttons do different things.

      What am I missing?


      Is there a tutorial somewhere?


      Thanks for your patience.


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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Here's how I do it.


          Set the Play All menu button to play the timeline, with the End Action set to Return to Last Menu.


          Set each Chapter menu button to the appropriate Chapter on the timeline, but set the Override for that chapter button to go back to the appropriate menu.

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            Alan Craven Level 4

            I use a main menu weith Play All, and Play Chapters buttons.  Play All is linked to the video timeline; Play chapters is linked to a sub-menu.  The Sub-menu has a button for each chapter, and a Return to Main Menu button.


            I have had bad experiences with over-rides, so I use Chapter Playlists to play each chapter (or group of chapters) separately.  Create a Chapter Playlist for each button, then link the button to its chapter playlist.  Make the end action for each chapter playlist to be return to the the sub-menu.


            Note the differenhce between playlists and chapter playlists!


            This method does not need each scene to be a separate clip, and so the main timeline video plays more smoothly across scenes.

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              And a third take...


              Putting multiple clips on the same timeline may cause problems, particularly for some types of audio.So if you want the 3 "clips" on one timeline, make it that way in the editing. If you do have separate clips, make each one its own timeline, Put them into a playlist for the play all.


              (My preference is not to use overrides, which haved caused problems for lots of users. I use Alan's method. But overrides do work.)

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                Skyholder1 Level 1

                We have a winner!!!


                End solution, which could be a combination of things....


                3 separate videos on.... 3 separate timelines. 

                Each timeline put into a single playlist.(Not a chapter list)


                Link the playlist, to the "Play All" button.

                Link each singular video to its own button on the sub menu.


                So far, so good.


                I appreciate you guys taking time to educate me!



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                  Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The primary downside to the method  you are testing now, is that there may be pauses between each timeline in the play all. You can't rely on the Encore preview, but must test this using a burned disk.


                  If each video is its own piece, this may be just fine.

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                    Skyholder1 Level 1

                    And for me, Stan.  I only use separate entities.

                    I don't mind the momentary separation.


                    I burned the DV, and it looks great.


                    And running a timed test...

                    3 folders - video, timeline,menu

                    4 assets

                    4 timelines

                    1 playlist


                    From import to done?  About 3 minutes.

                    I'm satisfied with it.


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Great news.


                      I use Stan's suggested workflow too.


                      Partially to handle those little "pauses," but also for other reasons, both technical and aesthetic, all of my Timelines (their Assets), start from about 02 sec. of Black Video, and fade up, where all end with a Dip-to-Black and about 02 sec. of black. Those pauses always come during the "black" portion, so no one ever sees them.


                      Good luck,