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    Activate on more than 2 computers - any way to purchase more seats with same Adobe ID?


      I use 3 computers - desktop, laptop and ultra-portable laptop. I would like to extend creative cloud to activate on all 3 computers - I'm actually OK to purchase a 2nd subscription - if that is indeed how your licensing is setup - *but* it seems that there is *no way* to do this on the same Adobe ID - if I log in with my Adobe ID I only see one subscription to Creative Cloud, and if I attempt to purchase another subscription I find myself logged-in to my existing creative cloud account.


      So I cannot actually get a billing / checkout page for extra Creative Cloud subscriptions with my Adobe ID - what is Adobe's recommended way to proceed here?


      Should I
      1) just keep activating / deactivating the licences, this is frankly, a complete pain and I'd rather not risk getting my account blocked.
      2) setup multiple Adobe IDs - with same name / address / billing information ??? this is also something which is going to be a pain to manage.

      3) ???





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          kendallplant Adobe Employee

          Hi Caspar,


          For your own sanity's sake, I would personally recommend against deactivating and reactivating your computers in order to use three devices.


          You are correct in that you'll have to purchase an additional subscription if you wish to use a third device. Currently however, all Creative Cloud subscriptions require a separate Adobe ID, so you will have to manage two accounts if you decide to purhcase two memberhsips.


          From this Adobe ID FAQ page, I did find a section stating that you can contact customer support to consolidate mulitple Adobe ID's. However, I am not sure if you can do this and still preserve your two CC subscriptions. You may want to give customer support a ring to find out if this is possible.


          To contact customer service, go here: http://helpx.adobe.com/contact/

          • Select Creative Cloud as your product
          • Select "Managing my membership..." from the next dropdown menu
          • Click "I still need help"