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    bcrypt blowfish as3crypto usage

    DachFlach Level 1

      I am looking for an example of proper usage to utilze as3crypto or other tool to encypt a string and salt.

      Ultimately, this is to Match an existing hash froma  database that was created in php.


      I have seen some incomplete attempts at demonstrating, please only send Working examples.

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          Did you try looking at http://code.google.com/p/as3crypto/? It has working examples there


          Best Regards


          Alex Liebscher

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            DachFlach Level 1

            Thanks Alex but I am unable to get it to work.

            Do you have an example of using the BlowFishKey?

            I suspect it is a simple call to the BlowFishKey.as  but I see not how to pass a str and a salt to encrypt.

            Any leads appreciated.

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              A.Liebscher Level 1

              Im sorry, I deleted my encryption project. If you scan through the source code on Google docs, I'm sure you could get an idea of how it works. I believe there is a public function called encrypt, and you give that either a string or byte array.


              I wish I could help more, I happen to be busy at the moment.


              Best of luck,

              Alex LIebscher

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                DachFlach Level 1

                I was able to gte it to work but unable to get it to match the encryption used in PHP.


                I create a hash made from both a password and a salt. The salt is prefixed with $2a$13$ to set the rounds used in the encryption.

                I see no way to do this in this library.

                Therefore I get a different result than that created in PHP.


                The reason I am trying to do this is so that the hash can be recreated offline ( using this library ).


                Scenario: A person signs up and creates a hash(password) within PHP as described above. Then the person uses the software which stores the hash locally. The the person attempts to access the software Offline - which requires them to recreate the Hash and if it matches - they are able to use it.


                Is there a way to set the rounds of encryption with this library? Sorry if that is not the correct term.