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    Create PDF From Web Page Does Not Create Image Maps Properly

    Quantum Dynamix

      I have a website that contains image maps. When I "Create PDF From Web Page", these image maps are not rendered properly. From what I can tell, this is a BUG within Acrobat, and I'm hoping that people can confirm this for me.


      I created a test page at http://www.quantumdynamix.net/clients/image-map-test/. I placed the images maps my manually coding the coordinate information, so the maps are PRECISELY placed exactly over the squares. Each image map navigates to an anchor corrisponding to the number on the red square.


      When I created the PDF using the "Create PDF From Web Page" feature, the image maps are rendered improperly. This file can be viewed at http://www.quantumdynamix.net/clients/image-map-test/ImageMapTest.pdf. To view the outlines of the image maps, please select "Tools" -> "Advanced Editing" -> "Link Tool". You can see the outlines are substantially incorrect.


      Please confirm that other can replicate this problem. Any solution to this issue would be very helpful!