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    Acrobat Pro lacking options??


      I've had two problems lately:

      1. I have Acrobat X Pro on my computer. It was installed a month or two ago. It is lacking features that I know an older version had. For example, I can't reduce file size, I can't use the typewriter tool, etc. It almost appears like it's just reader, but it specifically says it's Acrobat Pro. Any suggestions? Do I need to install plugins?


      2. I don't know if this is related to Acrobat or if it's an InDesign problem. We just got CS 6. In InDesign whenever I try to export a document to a PDF, it simply won't. I don't get an error, it just does nothing. Half the time it works, the other half it does nothing. I then try to print to a PDF and that works half the time as well. It's very random and it seems to have no rhyme or reason.


      Is anyone able to help with these two issues? Thanks!