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    Lost Help ID mappings

    Jacob Paso
      After updating my Help ID file, I opened Robohelp and noticed that most of the mappings were lost.
      I had just copied the new help ID file to the location of existing one. The new help ID file was the same as the existing one, with a few new help IDs. I have used this procedure many times in the past without problems.
      Is it possible to retrieve my old mappings? I do have daily tape backups that I can go back to. I am hoping there is some file I can retrieve, as I do not want to completely go back to on old version of my project.

      Jacob Paso
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          You seem to have answered your own question. Just retrieve your most recent working version of the help ID file. You might need both the .ali and .hh (or .h) files. All you have to do is to bring these into your project folder and compile and the old mappings will be restored without losing any other editing. However, I wouldn't do it this way. I'd try to figure out why the new file failed to work and see if I could fix it. You can open it in Notepad as it is just a text file.

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            Jacob Paso Level 1

            The .ali was the one I needed! I found out that the software guys changed some names on me without telling me. Modifying the .ali fixed it.