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    Relinking Articles not working


      After starting InDesign I want to open an article using Folio Builder. When I double-click the article I get the error message that the Indesign file for the layout can not be found and that I should use Relink. The InDesign files however are there where they've always been - no change in location since I last opend them.

      Now when I try to Relink using Folio Builder I'm immediately presented with the screens you see in the screen shot, which means I can't Relink the article. I have to delete my article and add it again to the folio which kind of defies the purpose of the Relink. Questions are: 1) Why does Folio Builder looses the location information in the first place and 2) why does the Relink not work? I'm using CS6 and with DPS V21 and the article uses alternate layouts.