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    Help open image with Photoshop  from VB.NET or c# project


      I am trying to fix an issue in a VB.NET project. The project used to have an option to open files with Photoshop.

      The project includes a Photoshop.dll.


      The following call:

      Dim app As New Photoshop.Application


      thows an exception:

      Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {...} failed due to the following error: 80040154.


      The project was created under VS2005 (I converted it to VS2010). The error happens if I build in x64, x86 or AnyCPU.


      I have no idea what Photoshop CSx version the dll may be targetting (I have CS6 installed - so the problem may be a mismatched version ?)

      In which case I would need a specific version for each Photoshop that the users may have installed (?????)


      My guess of a mismatch version was correct - as I got the proper COM component, I was able to open Photoshop once, but this restricts me to one version, so any users of my program running other Photoshop CSx will still get the above exception.


      What can I do to get around this ? How can I open my files, regardless of Photoshop version ?


      And even worse - as soon as I made one change, I can't open the COM component anymore.reference.png



      Thank you.