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    Workflow with Alternative Layouts.


      So, a hiccup we’ve found with the use of alternate layouts in indesign and DPS is the ability to upload/import an entire document in one go with multiple devices inside it.


      For example:

      I create an iPad retina document (“cover_h.indd” layout named ‘iPad-Retina_h’) inside of which I create 3 alternate layouts - ‘iPad-Small_h’, ‘iPhone_Retina_h’, iPhone3_h’. This all works fine using a combination of liquid layouts and redesigning parts of each. All layouts are visible and able to upload individually.


      But, when it comes to the fastest way of uploading to the adobe server (creating whole folios quickly), we’ve been using the ‘Import mulitple files’ option also using sidecar.xml to fill in our meta info. This currently isn’t possible with an indesign document containing more than one layout size.


      It would be IDEAL if we can create a single set of indesign documents with multiple device layouts in each and simply tell our ‘sidecar.xml’ file which layout (name) to use for each device. I’d expect then that it would automatically create new folios for us containing the same info for each article (and device).


      Can you find out if this is something that’s being worked on? It would save SO much time in our workflow.


      Look forward to hearing the good news!