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    Single edition and p12 certificate

    hottinger5 Level 1

      Two questions:


      1 - Using Single edition will I only need the serial number (Adobe single edition number) to publish on the app store? I've been finding conflicting information saying, yes, it's possible on the Adobe site, and then another source saying I would need either Professional or Enterprise to make the viewer "public" rather than "private." It seems with single edition I only have the "private" option available.


      2 - I am building the app for a university. In order to sign the distribution app, I've downloaded the distribution mobileprovision file from the university's ios developer site. I can't create a p12 certificate using the university's distribution certificate on my computer.


      I found this webpage describing how to transfer what I think I need: exporting your signing and provisioning assets from the one Mac and importing them to the other.


      http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/Xcode/Conceptual/ios_development_wor kflow/10-Configuring_Development_and_Distribution_Assets/identities_and_devices.html#//app le_ref/doc/uid/TP40007959-CH4-SW8


      After my university contact sent me their p12 certificate, I'm having the following error message, "Not finding expected label 'iPhone Distribution:' in this certificate."


      Can you tell me how to solve both issues?