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    Signatures lost when emailing


      I am using reader for IPad, latest version.  I add text and signatures. When I go to email, all text and signatures are lost.  I've tried deleting original, and when I close and reopen, the text and signatures are there, they just disappear when emailing. Any thoughts?

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          Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

          What platform are you running (Mac or Windows)? What OS version? What PDF reader are you using to view the PDF you edited?


          I just tested creating text and a signature in a PDF in Reader 10.3 for the iPad, and emailed it to myself. I can view it successfully both in Adobe Acrobat and in Preview on Mac OS X 10.7.4.


          Here's a screen capture from Acrobat on the Mac of what I created in Reader 10.3.


          Viewed in Acrobat.jpg

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            12mkimes Community Member

            IPad iOS 5.1.1....I run OS x Lion on my Mac, which is irrelevant since I am using the iPad. The PDF reader is Adobe Reader for IoS...which again, is assumed since this is an Adobe forum. 


            Here is the issue again...I receive an email with PDF attachment.  I open it in Adobe Reader (installed today) on my brand new IPad 3 (bought yesterday).   I make text changes and add signatures...which is very easy and slick....I then hit the email button in the upper right corner....when it attaches, it does not have the text and signature.  I know this for 2 reasons..1)when you attach a PDF  it shows the actual document, and 2) when I go ahead and email it to myself as test, it is gone when I open it ( in adobe reader)...I erased the original to make sure it wasn't somehow defaulting to it....I tried opening in Dropbox...same thing....

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              Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

              Sounds like you're doing the same thing as me, but you can see it worked for me. There has to be some difference, but it's not apparent to me. I'm also doing it on an iPad 3.


              Can you test it on another file?

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                12mkimes Community Member

                Didn't work... Added a signature....but it came through without them...

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                  12mkimes Community Member

                  Ok...so I downloaded PDF expert and opened the edited file...the changes were there.  Apparently the changes do occur, but are not visible in the email client or Dropbox...but if reopen the file after receiving it thru email..it has the edited changes...this is true  in both Adobe Reader and PDF Expert ....strange....thanks for the help.....

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                    Dennis Griffin (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                    You are experiencing a bug in iOS. The PDF rendering that iOS natively includes does not fully handle the PDF specification, and will not show comments, form fields, or eSignatures. Both iOS Mail and Dropbox, as well as the Safari Browser use this to render PDFs that they encounter.


                    We have informed Apple of this problem, and let them know what they need to fix to resolve it, but they have not provided us any information on when or whether they will fix the issue..


                    Dennis Griffin


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                      Steve Werner ACP/MVPs

                      Thanks, Dennis.


                      Viewers that don't rely on the iOS PDF rendering software—PDF Expert or Printer Pro (which I used to print the PDF with annotations)—don't have this problem.