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    workflow: automatic file naming when saving/exporting to PDF


      This may be somewhat of a longshot, but here's what I need to do with a current project. I need to create a series (around 150) of display panels of varying sizes, each having an ID number printed in the corner. The end result(s) need to be 150 single-page PDFs, named with the same ID number as what is in the corner of each panel. These aren't too complex, so I'm thinking I just treat them as individual InDesign files, name them when I save the InDesign file, then when I export to PDF I won't have to type the name of the file again. If I were to group the panels into say 15 different InDesign files, each having 10 pages, naming while exporting would be time consuming. I was wondering though if there was a way to assign a name to each page in an InDesign document, which would be transfered to the PDF upon exporting them (assuming I would then be able to extract the pages as individual files from the PDF, and have the page names become the extracted file names). Or would it be best to keep things in Illustrator, saving the files as editable PDFs?


      Or is there an altogether easier way to do this? I'm running CS5.