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    Adobe Reader X Help internet link


      Hi, could anyone let me know how to fix the problem in Adobe Reader X when you click Help from the menu bar followed by Adobe Reader X Help.  Instead of taking you to an Adobe help page via a web browser, you get the error; "Online Help content cannot be displayed.  Verify you can launch your web browser and have access to the Internet" message.


      I have uninstalled X and installed Adobe Reader 9 and this works fine and connects to the web.  I have read the link from vilcanator back in Jan 2011 which the reply takes you to

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/reader/using/reader_X_help.pdf which is for a local saved copy of the help file.


      However, surely the online help link should work otherwise updates to the help document will not be updated on the downloaded pdf copy.  This has been tested on XPSP3 and W7 Prof, and in IE8 and 9.


      Any help would be appreciated.