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    Why do short video clips take forever to load?


      With apologies for coming to you good folks with an issue than any twit should already know how to solve . . .


      I was thrilled when your excellent instructions helped me load flash player successfully.  I was able to preview quite a few video clips to show my Fine Arts Survey class.  Then just yesterday everything slowed down to slower than a snail's pace.  Even the shortest video clips at youtube are taking forever.  Can you give me some leads on things to check?  Does something build up with every new video clip watched?  I do a huge amount of browsing (internet explorer) and searching (ixquick), but it is a necessary evil for engaging teens in a survey course. 


      I do see tiny pop-ups that ask if Adobe can save something on my computer.  Am I an idiot? 


      Any leads or links you may be able to share will be appreciated,