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    Captivate 6 crashing when not in admin mode

    j-wa Level 1



      I just upgraded to Captivate 6. When I try to use certain features (notably insert smart form and insert text caption), Captivate crashes, frequently (but not always) putting out a fatal error message. This doesn't happen when Captive is run in admin mode. However, due to company restrictions, I am not able to run Captivate in admin mode on a regular basis. Is there any way to set up Captivate 6 to be usable for regular users?


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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi Jan,


          It is advisable to use Captivate in Administrator mode, else certain features require that like Simulation!


          Can you check is the crash happening with just one project of yours or all of them?

          Can you also try to ask your IT to give a dummy standard user credential, and Lon in to that, Launch and check if it crashes on that as well? Could be the account set-up be a problem!


          Can you share the screenshot and error details that you get?




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            j-wa Level 1

            Hello Anjaneai,


            when starting Captivate as a non-admin, a message comes up noting that certain features like screen capture might no work when not working in an admin account. Nevertheless, screen capturing works without problems.


            However, Captivate always(!) crashes when using one of the features listed below:

            • smart form
            • text caption
            • button
            • text input field




            This is the message that comes up when Captivate crashes (German version):



            This happens in all projects. When working in an admin account, Captivate doesn't crash. However, as noted earlier, due to company restrictions it is not possible to work in an admin account permanently.


            Best regards


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              Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

              Hello Jan,


              I see, Could you ask your IT to set this application on Admin mode always for your User Accoutn, which means they need not provide you the admin rights completely but just to this application,


              you can set it by going to


              --installed location of Adobe Captivate.exe-- Right Click-- Properties, Under Compatibility mode, set it to open in admin mode always,

              -- Under Security Tab, get your user name added and make sure it recieves Full Control over this application.


              Your IT should be able to allow you complete rights for this application.




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                j-wa Level 1

                Hello Anjaneai,


                • The IT has granted me with write permissions in the Captivate program directory.
                • In Properties, Compatibility mode tab, I checked the option "open in admin mode always".
                • In Properties, Security tab, I was able to add my name and grant myself full access to the application.


                However, when I start Captivate, there is a prompt asking for an admin login. On entering my regular account name and password, I receive a prompt stating that I need higher permission (see below).




                So apparently it is not enough to have full access to the application?!

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                  j-wa Level 1

                  Hello Anjaneai,


                  unfortunately,I still encounter this issue (description see above). Is there further advice as where to look for a possible solution?


                  I learned from our IT that I have extended user rights for the AdobeCaptivate.exe, but no access to the registry. Is access to the registry required to run Captivate 6 properly? Am I the only one who encounters this issue?


                  Best regards


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                    Is there a reason the below questions were never answered. I'm trying to figure out why after  the Adobe Captivate 6 install we do not even have the option to launch in admin mode?!? Any thoughts?

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                      It's beginning to look like the admin permissions are important because without the e learning suite, Captivate and Audition are really not too compatable.  Im working at a VA facility that has MC6 and Captivate6 as a standalone program. Captivate cant get to Audition directly by button. Through the library imports and exports are crashing a very well buil workstation.. I know.. I built it.


                      The point is without the compatiblility features that Adobe is famous for, I've been forced to use Cakewalk audio editing  not to waste time rebooting and playing administrator. Not sure what Im doing wrong.

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                        So I realize I'm late to the party on this one but I thought I'd share my experience with Adobe Captivate. This experience applies to Captivate 6, 7 and 8.


                        First, I'm an IT desktop support employee at a large university and we've had a few users purchase a copy of Captivate. We, too, ran into this problem and after doing research and learning form threads like this that the issue is caused by insufficient permissions for the user we did a bit of testing and came up with this solution. This will likely pass muster at your workplace because it will allow you to user Captivate while still keeping users from having full blown local admin rights on their machine.


                        What you need to do (or have your IT department do) is grant the Users group (or just you if they prefer) "Full Control" permissions on both Adobe Captivate folders. This allows you to have sufficient privlages to run Captivate successfully while keeping your standard access for the rest of your computer.


                        To do so follow these steps:


                        Navigate to C:\Program Files\Adobe


                        Single-Right-Click on Captivate8x64 and choose Properties


                        Click on the Security Tab, then click Edit


                        Now click on the Users group and check the box "Full Control". Apply/OK out of the boxes to return to Windows Explorer.


                        Now you want to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe

                        And do the same for the "Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer 8" folder.


                        And that's it. This should give you, the user, sufficient permissions to run Captivate error-free while also keeping your computer secure. Run this by your IT department and see if this is an acceptable solution.


                        Good luck!



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                          Janatwork Level 1

                          Hello Jason and Anjaneai,


                          Thank you for this useful information.


                          I'm still working in Captivate 7, but soon I will be upgrading to Captivate 8. This means in the future I will be updating cptx files -- some using Captivate 7 and some using Captivate 8. So that I can successfully run Captivate versions 7 and 8, does our IT Security department need to follow the above process for both the Captivate 7 program file and the Captivate 8 program file?


                          One more question: Are full administrator rights also needed for Captivate 5? (I still have a few courses in that version.)


                          Thank you!

                          Jan P.

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                            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Indeed, for both.


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                              Janatwork Level 1

                              Jason or Lieve or others,


                              I and the other instructional designer will soon be losing our Computer administrator rights. So we have requested to have the "Full Control" setting for Captivate only (Properties - Security tab - etc.) as you (Jason) explained in your August 7 posting.


                              Our IT contact said that instead of "full control" he would give us "Modify", and he assumes that would be sufficient. Please let us know whether, in fact, the "Modify" setting is as effective as the "full control" setting and whether it will let us successfully run Captivate.


                              Thank you!

                              Jan P.

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                                Scionfall Level 1



                                In our experience nothing less than "Full Control" will provide full functionality to Captivate. While you can get away with Modify rights for most other programs (we have another program, Stata, where providing Modify rights is sufficient for our users needs) but sadly it is not the case here. As I mentioned previously, we started with the most restrictive of permissions and worked our way up from there. Even with Modify rights Captivate would complain and be limited in use. I would suggest that your IT tech either install Captivate on their machine where they can play around with rights and permissions for testing or to simply have you there while they apply the permissions. That way they can try Modify, and if it works out well for you then great. Otherwise they're right there, can see the issue, and can move on to their next step.



                                Best of luck .



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                                  RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Make sure the IT dudes that test this try to do some screen capture and record voiceover with Captivate before they conclude which settings will work. In my experience, those are the areas that require the greatest level of security access because you're dealing with quite low-level system drivers.