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    Flash Crashing on Ctrl +

    Isometric Bacon Level 1

      Good afternoon,


      Recently I've been having a completely bizarre issue with Flash Pro CS5 which is bothering me to no end.


      Whenever I hit Ctrl + Plus (the keyboard shortcut to zoom). Flash will completely disappear from my taskbar, as if it is crashed. However, looking at the task manager, although nothing can be seen in 'Applications', under 'Processes Flash is still visible.


      To restart Flash, I have to manually kill this process then reopen it.


      This does not happen when you use the manual zoom controls in the toolbar, nor does it happen when I zoom out via the shortcut (Ctrl + Minus)


      Even if I reassign the zoom function to another button combo, (like Ctrl + ] ) It will still crash on me, making me think it's not a conflict with another program. I have temporarily just completely disabled the zoom shortcut altogether.


      Anyone else experienced this error and have any clue what I can do? It's driving me batty, because zooming is a pretty constant part of my workflow.


      I am running Windows 7 Enterprise.

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Running Win7 Pro 64 SP1 and I just loaded up old CS5 and all I can say is it works as intended. Do any other Adobe apps have similar behavior like Photoshop with the same key combo? Have you tried wiping out preferences for CS5 (not ideal, but better than reinstalling), or have you tried reinstalling?

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            Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

            Hi ,


            We tried to repro this issue at out end but wasn't able to . Can you try after clearing the Flash CS5 preferences and restarting Flash again ?


            Further , in case you get any crash dump or logs generated , you can send that to us for better investigation.


            Let me know if this solves the problem for you.


            Thanks and regards,

            Sudeshna Sarkar

            Adobe Flash Professional Team.

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              Isometric Bacon Level 1

              Thanks Sinious and Sudeshna. Your help is very much appreciated. It is a very strange issue, and something i've never come across in my many years of using Flash.


              I removed the preferences files, but unfortunately it didn't fix the issue. The problem appears to be unique to Flash, I use a number of Adobe products and I haven't been able to reproduce it in any others.


              I couldn't find anything in the AMT3.log that stuck out, but here it is:



              I am going to liase with our IT Department to reinstall the program, as unfortunately I do not have access to do so myself. Hopefully that will help the issue!

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                I know this post is quite old, but hopefully anyone else who comes across the problems the following solution might help.


                I found Flash CS5 was clashing with nView Desktop View manager. Once I disabled this (by right clicking on your Windows desktop background and choosing disable) it no longer crashed on certain shortcuts.


                The problem only occured for me when I used Ctrl + ; (semi-colon) for showing/hiding guides and also on Ctrl + B which would bring up an NV message box - the only way I found out what was causing the issue.


                Hope that helps.

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                  Isometric Bacon Level 1

                  Thanks, it seems very likely that was the issue. I ended up getting the IT department to reinstall CS5 which solved my issue. Hopefully your solution will help others in the same boat!